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CPi Books is the number one book printer in Europe, employing 3,000 people in 7 different countries. They are committed to providing premium standards of service and outstanding quality – no matter what the size or particular needs of their customers’ business. CPI employees combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technical know-how and a real willingness to adapt to our customers’ specific needs.

From their Croydon production site, the Company print and distribute books both between finishing depots across the South and to client sites upon completion.

Whilst the Company has regular inter-depot collections & deliveries, it also has a large volume of same day business, daily.

The Request:

Previously, transport requirements to service the business were performed by a small team of in-house drivers who ran deliveries around London and a list of couriers & hauliers appointed as needed by CPi customer service representatives.

CPi approached us to come up with a total transport solution to improve the efficiency of transportation through load consolidation and also reduce the time spent by staff on booking & co-coordinating transport.

The Solution:

Through careful analysis of the Company’s requirements, PF Whitehead were able to identify core daily runs across the Group and deliver a structured ‘timetable’ of vehicle runs to deliver those requirements.

In addition, PF Whitehead were able to provide a central point of contact within CPi to receive, consolidate and organize their combined ‘same day’ transportation requirements, thus freeing up valuable time for staff and ensuring maximum efficiency across the group.

By handling all requirements through one central point of contact, PF Whitehead have eliminated wasted or duplicated journeys and have vastly reduced the usage of external couriers. This facility also ensures that all requests are logged, approved and tracked providing useful KPI reporting for continuous improvement.

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